Who is JJBA?

My name is Josep Jesus Bigorra Algaba.

After countless hours of dedication I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field, and consider myself a capable, responsible and organized Full Stack Developer. I like functional programming, but also have grown as a professional in the Object Oriented Paradigm, and can see when to use exactly what tool for what job. State can be important for front-end development, but APIs and back-end services should ideally be stateless.

My ideal position is somewhere I can learn something new every day, and where I am allowed the space to grow as a person and as a software engineer.

From custom made websites, RESTful APIs, databases, server side solutions, to mobile apps and desktop software I am ready to take on projects and help clients achieve their goals, considering business needs and best industry practices.

My work hours:

I am a morning person, and like to start my day early and also finish early. Ideally I work from 7.30-8 until 16h. Of course being a Software Engineer I find myself spending more hours than I should sometimes.

What’s the best way to communicate with me?

I prefer to be pinged on Slack or emailed for small things, but I find calls and screen sharing simply work better for more complicated matters. Feel free to email me for anything at jjbigorra@gmail.com.

I’d love to help you with

Go, Databases, REST APIs, CI pipelines in Groovy.

What makes me grumpy?

Javascript frameworks, inconsistent APIs, non-normalized databases, colleagues that are not dedicated.

Other things you might want to know:

  • My favorite baked good: Bananenbrood
  • My birthday: 23rd December
  • Fruit on pizza? I must say I am positively surprised after a long denial period
  • My coffee order: Zwarte koffie
  • My hometown: Landsmeer
  • Sports loyalties: Snorkeling